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Comedy Central Creates ‘Messy’ Pro-Social Campaign

Seriously, Comedy Central has launched a new pro-social campaign committed to showing viewers easy ways to reduce waste, improve their lives and help revive the planet, officials said Monday.

 The first phase of “Address the Mess” features a  Public Service Announcement campaign designed to introduce the initiative and prompt a call-to-action to visit

 The Web site will inform visitors about a variety of environmental issues and provide links to partner sites such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, Earth 911 and GreenDimes that offer specific information about what people can do and how they can effect change by providing real, tactical ways to take action.

Address the Mess aims to help individuals identify their own carbon footprint and offer information on how to reduce it. Visitors to will be invited to take a quiz to determine how large or small of an impact their footprint makes.

Specific area of focus will be education on proper trash disposal of household items, motor oil and e-ware, as well as ways to reduce the amount of junk mail cluttering mailboxes and claiming trees. Also on a personal and local level, Address the Mess will encourage action with community clean-up projects and the revitalization of neighborhoods and historic venues.

Along with its presence on-air and online, Comedy Central will spread the message of Address the Mess through the network's successful Comedy Central Live stand-up tours, beginning with a college tour this fall which will include student involvement in recycling drives.

The network is also in discussions with its national advertising and affiliate partners to build the reach and impact of the initiative.