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Comcast, Twitter Go Social With ‘SEEiT’

Comcast’s attempt to build viewership ratings through the use of social media officially got underway late last month with a big Twitterverse push to debut “SEEiT,” a feature that essentially turns a Twitter “card” into a virtual remote control that can tune directly to a channel, set up a DVR recording or fire up a TV Everywhere application.

In its initial “preview” form, the SEEiT button has begun to appear in the Twitter app for iOS-powered devices for a select number of shows on NBCUniversal channels, including Syfy’s Haven and Naked Vegas.

Now, when Comcast TV subscribers click on a tweet with the embedded SEEiT component, they’ll be presented with a menu of options, including the ability to tune directly to the channel if the show is currently airing, set a DVR recording for later viewing, watch the show on videoon-demand or jump directly to a TV Everywhere app. Among the SEEiT features marked as “coming soon”: the ability to set reminders and to receive text messages when specific shows are airing.

Twitter is the launch partner for the Comcast-developed SEEiT platform. Comcast Cable’s chief business development officer, Sam Schwartz, told Multichannel News in October that the SEEiT button will eventually show up on other apps and websites.

The SEEiT button is expected to show up more frequently on Twitter in the weeks and months ahead, as it will also be used to promote other networks and shows from the NBCUniversal stable, including NBC’s The Voice, The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, The Michael J. Fox Show, Sunday Night Football and Today; USA Network’s Psych and Suits; and the upcoming coverage of the Sochi Olympics.

SEEiT will eventually support additional shows from CNBC, MSNBC, Bravo, Oxygen, E!, Esquire Network and The Golf Channel. Comcast said it is working on SEEiT deals with other programmers.

Time Warner Cable has said it’s looking into supporting SEEiT, but has not announced any formal commitment.