Comcast Teams on Internet-Based Patient Care Platform

Comcast and Independence Health Group have formed a partnership centered on creating and launching an internet-based patient care technology and communications platform.  

The platform, to be accessible by patients in the home or on the go, will be designed to improve the overall efficiency and experience of the care delivery process between health care providers and patients, they said.  

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Additionally, the new platform will be accessible nationally, across multiple distribution channels and devices.  

With its network of subsidiaries, Philadelphia-based Independence Health Group serves about 8.5 million people in 24 states, and Washington, D.C., including 2.5 million in southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Comcast, a founding member of The Health Care Innovation Collaborative in Philadelphia, said it has initiated several partnerships within the health care industry. Comcast said it recently collaborated on a medically-approved Healthy Aging Series with UC Davis, producing 108 videos on topics, including heart health, fitness and exercise, and nutrition.  

"Rapid technological advances in recent years have changed the expectations consumers have about accessing and using goods and services. Health care is no exception,” Daniel J. Hilferty, president and CEO of Independence President, said in a statement. “Through this collaboration, we will explore how we can best use technology to enhance how consumers access and use health care services, which we know at times can be frustrating.”  

"Comcast's unique experience in technology and content can be an enabler for disruptive, personalized, and media-rich innovations in health care," added Sam Schwartz, Comcast’s chief business development officer. "Independence is a company steeped in innovation and completely committed to the consumer experience. We're excited about this new partnership and the opportunity to work together using technology to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of patient communications and education."