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Comcast Signed Confidentiality Agreement

Comcast Corp. released a statement Friday confirming that, as expected, in
connection with discussions regarding AT&T Broadband, it entered into a
reciprocal confidentiality agreement with AT&T Corp. that will permit the
exchange of information between the two companies.

The agreement also restricts certain discussions between Comcast and third
parties that relate to AT&T Broadband without AT&T's approval.

Comcast's refusal to sign a restrictive confidentiality agreement had
essentially barred it from negotiating with AT&T a possible purchase of the
AT&T Broadband cable unit, which Comcast first offered to buy in July.
AT&T rejected Comcast's first offer.

AT&T apparently agreed to modify the agreement after AT&T directors
told chairman C. Michael Armstrong to start talking to potential AT&T
Broadband buyers, including Comcast.