Comcast Reports Strong Q3

Comcast reported strong earnings Thursday, turning in its best third-quarter subscriber numbers in seven years.

Here are the company's highlights. More to come after today's earnings call.

Consolidated revenue Increased 4%, while operating cash flow and operating income Increased 7% and 9.7%, respectively.

 *   Free cash flow increased 26.7% to $2.5 billion;

 *   Earnings per share increased 52.3% to $0.99;

*     Excluding income tax adjustments and transaction-related costs, earnings per share increased 12.3% to $0.73; and

 *   Quarterly dividends and quarterly share repurchases Increased 31.6% to $1.3 billion.

Cable Communications Q3 2014 Highlights:

 *   Cable Communications revenue Increased 5.2% and operating cash flow advanced 5.1%;

 *   Cable Communications customer relationships Increased by 82,000 to 26.9 million;

 *   Video customer net losses declined to 81,000, marking the best third-quarter result in seven years;

 *   High-speed Internet customers increased by 315,000 as revenue grew 9.6%; and

 *   Business services revenue Increased 21%, achieving a $4 billion annualized run-rate

NBCUniversal Q3 2014 Highlights:

 *   NBCUniversal revenue Increased 1.2% and operating cash flow increased 13.3%;

*    Operating cash flow margins expanded to 23.9% from 21.4% in the prior-year period; and

 *   Broadcast revenue Increased 7.7% and operating cash flow grew over $100 million.