Comcast Plans Water-Conservation Initiative in California

As a part of a larger resource-conservation effort in California, Comcast has announced the start of many water-saving initiatives, in hopes to reduce water use by 10 million gallons a year.

“As a company with thousands of employees and millions of customers here, we are deeply committed to the health and prosperity of California. With the third largest fleet in the nation and a large footprint of offices across the state, we can make a significant impact by reducing our water use,” said Hank Fore, Comcast’s Regional Senior Vice President for California.

With California’s budding water crisis, Comcast began sustainability measures in 2013, but has now taken proactive steps to reduce considerable water use.

Comcast has reduced watering for landscaping on 250 properties throughout California, by stopping all washing of its fleets 2,850 trucks and vans. In order to incentivize their 4,200 workers to conserve water, there will also be an employee awareness campaign announced.

“Our employees and customers need Comcast to make an effort to conserve water on their behalf. We’ve committed to a real, measurable reduction in water use, and I will be looking to continue to improve our performance over time,” said Fore.

These water conservation efforts are hoped to be determined later in the year, according to Comcast.