Comcast to Offer EarthLink in Philly

Comcast Cable Communications Inc. said EarthLink Network Inc. is the latest
Internet-service provider to agree to participate in the MSO's planned
open-access trial in its hometown of Philadelphia.

That technical pilot is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of this
year. The companies said the trial will be completed in anticipation of
negotiating a 'definitive' agreement between the two.

EarthLink marks the second ISP not affiliated with Comcast to agree to
participate in the trial. Juno Online Services Inc. penned a similar deal in

'We are interested in learning more about which value-added relationships
with ISPs will be most attractive to our customers,' Comcast Cable president
Steve Burke said in a press release.

Among other multiple-ISP trials, Time Warner Cable is conducting one in
Columbus, Ohio, and AT&T Broadband is putting the finishing touches on a
technical pilot in Boulder, Colo., as well as planning to launch 'Broadband
Choice' on a limited commercial basis this fall in the Boston