Comcast Foundation Boosts Scholarships

The Comcast Foundation announced Wednesday that it has more than doubled its
'Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Program' recipients for 2001-2002 by awarding
$1,000 scholarships to 700 high-school seniors across nine states.

That's up from 250 recipients of $1,000 scholarships across three states in
its inaugural 2000-2001 year.

The Comcast Foundation -- the scholarship program of which was limited to
communities served by the MSO in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware a year
ago -- this time around is expanding the awards to students in nine states,
including five served by Comcast's Midwest division and Connecticut communities
served by its eastern cable division, Comcast Corp. president Brian Roberts and
Comcast Foundation vice president and executive director Diane Tuppeny-Hessin
said in a prepared statement.

To be eligible, the students must be nominated by their principals.

The foundation was founded in mid-1999.