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Comcast Enters Energy Trial

Comcast Corp. is participating in a home energy-management-system trial in
the Philadelphia area with PECO Energy and Invensys Corp.

The latter two companies are using Comcast's Internet-protocol network to
transport home energy-usage data back to PECO and to allow consumers to monitor
and adjust their home energy usage.

"This service can help consumers manage their energy expenses and, by using
it, they can also have a positive effect on the environment," Comcast senior
vice president of strategic planning Mark Coblitz said in a prepared

The trial encompasses more than 100 PECO and Comcast subscribers.

The trial uses the "GoodWatts" monitoring system developed by Invensys. The
system can shift household energy loads from peak to off-peak times.

Consumers can access usage data via Comcast's IP network and adjust their
energy usage to save money.

The groups said the GoodWatts system "is consistent with CableLabs [Cable
Television Laboratories Inc.] specifications so that the service is capable of
running over any DOCSIS [Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification] cable