Comcast Adds 12 Interconnected Markets

Comcast Corp.’s Comcast Ad Sales announced Tuesday that it completed
interconnects in 12 new markets during the second quarter and 48 of the 71
markets in which it has a presence were consolidated by the end of July.

All of Comcast's owned-and-operated top 50 markets are now interconnected,
Comcast added.

The newest dozen interconnects, the MSO said, are in Denver; Eugene and
Portland, Ore.; Fresno, Monterey and Sacramento, Calif.; Grand Rapids, Mich.;
Hartford, Conn.; Louisville, Ky.; and Wheeling, W. Va.

Moreover, Comcast said it worked with Time Warner Cable and Adelphia
Communications Corp.’s Adelphia Media Services to interconnect Cleveland and
with Charter Communications Inc.’s Charter Media, Mediacom Communications
Corp.'s OnMedia, Time Warner and National Cable Communications to build an NCC
CableLink interconnect in Paducah, Ky.

"These new interconnects bring Comcast one step closer to achieving its
market-consolidation goal," Comcast Ad Sales president Charlie Thurston said in
a prepared statement.