CNNx: A Glimpse Into TVE’s Future

While the initial focus for TV everywhere apps has been access to a searchable library of on-demand content and, if the rights are cleared, access to a network’s live streaming feed, future apps are expected to do that and a whole lot more.

One app that offers a glimpse at TVE’s enhanced, and more personalized and immersive future is CNNx, a next-generation app that exited the beta phase last month. It features CNN’s live, linear channel alongside an array of on-demand content and related digital and interactive features, plus options that give viewers more control of the experience.

Alongside the live CNN feed, CNNx also provides access to a rundown of topics previously covered and what’s coming up on-air, and on-demand access to the day’s current shows and those that ran the day prior. The VOD component of CNNx also lets authenticated users stream CNN’s “featured” longform scripted programming and documentaries. CNNx complements that with deeper digital coverage of on-air news topics, such as articles, video clips, interviews and photos. The app also carves out a discrete area alongside the bottom to present a news ticker that viewers would see on the primary CNN TV broadcast.

An overarching goal with CNNx is to “redefine the news experience for users,” Michael Quigley, vice president, business development and multiplatform distribution at Turner Broadcasting System, said in a recent interview.

CNN is also looking for new ways to drive viewer engagement via the app. “What more can we do? CNNx is scratching the surface on answering that question,” Quigley said.

And CNNx won’t just be for the small screen. Offered on iPads and Web browsers, CNNx is expected to be offered on set-top boxes with integrated IP capabilities later this year. A seemingly perfect candidate for such an offering would be Comcast’s IPcapable X1 platform.