CNBC Europe Embarks on Global Crossing

CNBC Europe said it has become the first network to ink a deal to distribute
its programming over Global Crossing Ltd.'s media and entertainment digital

In addition to using typical satellite delivery methods, CNBC Europe said it
will tap Global Crossing's fiber-optic network to transmit Moving Picture Expert
Group-compressed video and embedded audio from its Fort Lee, N.J., studio to
London and Asia.

Global Crossing unveiled its digitally secure extranet in late April, just
prior to the annual National Association of Broadcasters confab. That optical
network, which is more than 85 percent complete, will be comprised of roughly
100,000 route miles and will reach more than 200 cities.

Further phases will link the network to CNBC Europe's London hub; Singapore;
Milan, Italy; Frankfurt, Germany; Paris; Tokyo; Australia; and New Zealand,
Global Crossing said.

Global Crossing's extranet will 'provide us with a viable alternative to
satellite transmission for the 11.5 hours of live programming we broadcast every
weekday,' network director of operations John Turner said in a press

Global Crossing's media and entertainment extranet is being outfitted to
handle the storage and delivery of copyright-sensitive, CD-quality audio,
feature films, commercial-production video and gaming