Cinelatino Touts ‘Arrancame la vida' on Facebook

Cinelatino took to Facebook to hype up the upcoming TV
premiere of Arrancame la vida, one of
Mexico's most acclaimed films -- and also the most expensive ever.

The film, directed by Mexican director Roberto Sneider, will
make its U.S. TV debut on Sunday, Oct. 23, at 9 p.m. ET and 10 p.m.

To create buzz around the premiere of its priciest
acquisition to date, Cinelatino invited viewers to "interview" the film star's,
Ana Claudia Talancon, by posting questions for her to the network's Facebook

A 13-day contest, which ended Oct. 2 helped Cinelatino
increase its base of Facebook fan 26 percent, with viewers postings comments
and sending questions (all in Spanish) to Talancón. The actress has picked her
10 favorite questions and will answer them in a special interstitial that will
air immediately after the premiere.

The winners will also receive a free DVD copy of Arrancame la vida.

A Cinelatino spokesperson acknowledges the network is still
experimenting with Facebook, but adds that the campaign around Arrancame la vida shows the power of
social media when engaging Hispanic viewers and creating buzz around an
important premiere.

In addition to having won several international awards Arrancame la vida is a major premiere
for Cinelatino, since it is also the most money the network has ever spent on
an acquisition, according to a spokesperson. Details were not provided.