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Chip Providers Gear for DOCSIS

LSI Logic Corp. and Microtune Inc. are both introducing new, lower-cost silicon chip components for the cable set-top and modem environment.

LSI said its new DPS7000 integrates several RF elements into a single device with a low-power tuner, giving operators a cost-effective means of delivering voice-over-Internet protocol telephony service, according to LSI Logic broadband-access division marketing manager Phil Welsh.

The DPS700 chip eliminates factory calibration, enhances reliability and reduces bills of material and overall costs, LSI said. The chip is priced at $7.40 in quantities over 10,000, LSI said. The chip is Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) and Digital Audio/Video Interoperability Council (DAVIC) compatible.

Separately, Microtune is introducing the MT2040 single-chip broadband tuner series, with an eye toward the DOCSIS 1.1 modem market. Microtune said the tuner, the size of a thumbtack, will allow operators to integrate lower cost, higher performing and more reliable RF gateway electronics.

Microtune said Samsung Electronics Co. plans to use the tuners in cable modems and Advanced Digital Broadcast will use MT2040 series in interactive set-tops. Microtune said the tuner is priced at $7 in quantities over 10,000.

On the set-top front, Conexant Systems Inc. said Pace Micro Technology will use the company's CX22490 interactive-TV Moving Picture Expert Group (MPEG) decoder chipset in third generation Di4000 set-tops for European operators. The decoder will help operators provide electronic mail, Internet access, home shopping and banking, as well as high-speed connections to external PCs, Conexant said.