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Charter Subs Without ESPNews

Failing to reach a last minute agreement, Charter Communications Saturday dropped ESPNews in several of its systems representing 248,000 analog subscribers.

Charter spokesman Andy Morgan said the move was scattered across several
system clusters in Tennessee, Michigan, Texas and Pennsylvania. He added ESPNews
remained in tact on several systems in Wisconsin, which has the highest percentage of network distribution.

Charter went ahead with its plans to drop ESPNews June 30 over a dispute involving video streaming language in the contract, despite a 11th hour ESPN move not to de-authorize the network's signal.

ESPN last Friday said that movement in the talks between the two parties influenced its decision to keep providing Charter with the ESPNews feed. But Charter said it had already made launch commitments to other networks once it dropped ESPNews June 30.

Among the networks ESPN launched include Charter-owned TechTv, FX, Telemundo
and Oxygen.