CES: Roku to Get Rabbit Ears

Las Vegas -- VOXX Accessories is working with Roku to develop a digital TV antenna that incorporates streaming Internet video, music and games available through Roku Streaming Stick, slated to debut in the fourth quarter of 2013.

The Roku Ready digital antenna will allow consumers to receive over-the-air local HD broadcast and streaming entertainment from the Roku platform, which now features 700-plus entertainment channels. VOXX expects to introduce the new digital antenna with Roku streaming in the fourth quarter under the RCA and TERK brands. (Pictured above is a regular RCA indoor antenna.)

VOXX is among a slew of new content and consumer-electronics partners Roku announced Monday, with others including Time Warner Cable, Fox and PBS.

"TV-watching habits are changing, with more and more consumers getting their entertainment from over-the-top sources, like Netflix and Hulu," VOXX Accessories president David Geise said in a statement. "Consumers are also realizing in growing numbers that over-the-air digital TV gives them the best picture and the most options for programming.”

According to VOXX Accessories, it holds the top market share in digital antenna sales with annual shipments of more than 2.5 million antennas.

Hauppauge, N.Y.-based VOXX International, previously known as Audiovox, provides automotive and consumer electronics accessories as well as high-end audio products.