CellularVision Changes Name

Brooklyn, N.Y. -- CellularVision USA Inc., which pioneered
a wireless communications technology called local multipoint distribution service, has
changed its name to SpeedUs.com Inc.

The name change, announced Dec. 22, is expected to take
effect by Jan. 7. The company will also change its trading symbol on the National
Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system to "SPDE."

CellularVision exited the video-services market after
selling 850 megahertz of its LMDS spectrum last month. It is now focused on providing
high-speed Internet-access and Internet-service-provider services using the remaining 450
MHz of the spectrum.

The new service will be marketed under the name
"Speed," and it will transmit information at a rate of 48 megabits per second
downstream. Subscribers to the service must purchase a Speed modem from the company for
about $350.