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CC&I: Video-Over-IP Test a Success

CC&I Engineering Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. teamed up to build one of the largest Internet-protocol test beds ever to transport video from a digital headend over a fiber-optic ring.

The test bed, at Cisco's Customer Proof-of-Concept Lab in San Jose, Calif., is aimed at proving that video-over-IP services are viable.

"This proof-of-concept clearly demonstrates that gigabit Ethernet over Cisco's ‘Catalyst’ switches in the core of the network and [Paradyne Corp.'s] compact ‘1U’ video-ready DSLAM [digital-subscriber-line-access multiplexer] for last-mile connections to the customer are ready for primetime," CC&I CEO and vice president Gregory Rise said in a release.

"Thanks to Cisco's lab, CC&I was able to replicate the largest network we are currently recommending to our independent telephone-company clients, and the result was excellent digital-video service to the consumer's television set over the twisted-pair copper plant with quality previously only available from traditional cable or over complex, cost-prohibitive, proprietary equipment," Rise added.