Candidate Gets OK To Run Disputed Ad

St. Louis-

An appeals-court panel on Thursday "dissolved" much of a judge's order from Monday, allowing a candidate for Congress to re-air a commercial containing C-SPAN footage, a spokes-man for the candidate said.

John Diehl, spokesman for William J. Federer's campaign, said the emergency order from a panel of 8th Circuit Court of Appeals judges meant the disputed ad would be restored to the air, stripped of C-SPAN's trademark logo.

The public-affairs network, which does not allow its programming to be used for partisan political purposes, had obtained an injunction ordering the campaign to pull the ad. (See story, page 16.) Federer, a Republican, is challenging Democratic Rep. Dick Gephardt, the House minority leader.

C-SPAN general counsel Bruce Collins said late Thursday he had not seen the altered advertisement the judges apparently approved. But he did say the network was glad its trademark could not be used.