Cahners to Launch New Broadband Week

Highlands Ranch, Colo.-The Telecommunications Group of Cahners Business Information announced last week that it will launch Broadband Week-a new, business-to-business newspaper devoted to high-speed, high-bandwidth communications networking, applications and content-along with a companion Web portal,

The announcement came at Supercomm 2000 in Atlanta and at the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers' Cable-Tec Expo 2000 in Las Vegas.

Broadband Week is intended to keep business executives and technologists appraised of the latest developments in this rapidly changing field and to enable them to make sound business decisions related to the effective use and exploitation of broadband-information delivery.

The Web portal will provide professionals involved in the deployment and use of broadband with a full-featured online resource to quickly locate related information and products.

Broadband Week has been a special section of Cahners' Multichannel News. The new publication will be a stand-alone effort with greatly expanded distribution, coverage and a separate, dedicated staff.

While Multichannel News will no longer carry Broadband Week as a section after Sept. 1, it will continue to be the leader in broadband coverage in the dynamic cable-television industry. A newly formatted, broadband-oriented technology section will replace Broadband Week.

The new Broadband Week will address hardware and infrastructure issues, as well as the wide variety of innovative products and services made possible by the increased speed and information carrying capacity of broadband systems.

It will cover business, educational and entertainment products offered via the Internet, cable and over-the-air channels, including much-anticipated two-way interactive applications.

Broadband Week will also follow business management; customer service; training; governmental and regulatory issues; standards development; and other operational issues, as well as the societal impact of this new communications environment.

High-volume end-users will find information on the relative merits of digital-subscriber-line technology, cable modems, local multipoint distribution service and other current and future competing mechanisms for sending and receiving data using high-speed broadband technology.

Group publisher Tom Brooksher said four issues would be published in 2000, with the first one appearing in September. Publication frequency will increase to weekly by the end of 2001.

Initial circulation will total 55,000 subscribers, consisting of broadband-service providers; broadband-site owners and developers; content providers; suppliers of software and equipment; enterprise broadband-network operators; and other key players in this rapidly expanding market. Circulation is expected to steadily increase to meet growing demand.

Paul Audino, a 16-year Multichannel News veteran, will be associate publisher and ad director of Broadband Week.

Bill Menezes has been named editor of the new publication. Menezes is a former editor of the broadband section of Multichannel News and is news and business editor for Wireless Week, a trade publication focusing on the wireless-communications industry.