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Cablevision's iO Hits Hollywood, Broadway

Hollywood Media Corp. will launch two interactive digital-cable channels --
one that affords access to movie-theater show times and a second that sells
tickets for Broadway shows.

Cablevision Systems Corp. will launch the two services -- Totally Hollywood
TV and Totally Broadway TV -- in the New York region this week on its iO:
Interactive Optimum digital platform.

The new channels should generate incremental revenue for operators by
offering differentiated programming that can drive both digital penetration and
ticket sales, Hollywood Media CEO Mitch Rubenstein said.

Rubenstein would not disclose the services' rate cards nor say how many
subscribers the networks would have at Monday's launch. He expects to be in
front of 1.5 million to 2 million subscribers by year's end.

Totally Hollywood TV will detail which films are playing and where, as well
as allowing consumers to purchase tickets. Rubenstein -- who cofounded Sci Fi
Channel -- said subscribers would be able to punch in their ZIP codes to
determine movie times for theaters in their area.

The Broadway TV service will offer subscribers the opportunity to order
tickets to top plays in New York, Rubenstein said.

Operators will be able to share in the revenue generated from the 10 percent
to 17.5 percent service fees Broadway TV will tack on to ticket sales, he