Cablevision Airing New PSAs For Campaign Against Pancreatic Cancer

Cablevision Systems Corp. and Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research have added three new PSAs, featuring former President Jimmy Carter and actors William Hurt and Matthew Modine, to help raise awareness for the battle against pancreatic cancer.

The PSAs, which began running last month, underscore the urgent need for more research to find a cure for America's fourth-leading cause of cancer death.
Marc Lustgarten, the former vice chairman of Cablevision and chairman of Madison Square Garden, died from pancreatic cancer in 1999.
As part of the ongoing campaign, Cablevision is underwriting all of the administrative costs of The Lustgarten Foundation so that 100% of every dollar donated will go directly to pancreatic cancer research. In addition to the PSAs, the curePC campaign integrates print advertisements, an online presence, as well as additional communication elements.

In the William Hurt spot, set on a rainy evening with the actor sitting by a window at a coffee shop, he reveals that he lost his mother to pancreatic cancer in 1971. Hurt says that since then, things are changing and "because of The Lustgarten Foundation, pancreatic cancer research is getting more funding.", former
Former president Jimmy Carter, who discusses the loss of his father, brother and two sisters to the disease, notes a gene that may cause pancreatic cancer in some families has been discovered thanks to research.
For his part, Modine, who also saw father and brother succumb to pancreatic cancer, informs in his PSA that "there is still no early test, no detection and no cure." The spot emphasizes the need for research so we can know more about this lethal disease and find a cure.