CableLabs Sews Up Wave 18

Cable Television Laboratories Inc. released the results from certification
wave 18 Thursday, announcing that 17 cable modems were stamped for the 1.0
version of the interoperable Data Over Cable Service Interface

Among them, modems from three vendors -- Hitron Technology Inc., Infinite and
U.S. Robotics Corp. -- were awarded the DOCSIS 1.0 stamp for the first time

CableLabs also recertified modems from Ambit, D-Link Co. Ltd., Ericsson Inc.,
HighSpeed Surfing Inc., Linksys Group Inc., Net & Sys, Thomson Consumer
Electronics, Toshiba America Consumer Products and 3Com Corp., which is bailing
out of the consumer broadband-modem sector due to spiraling margins and a glut
of equipment vendors in the space.

To date, CableLabs has stamped the DOCSIS 1.0 seal on 149 modems and
qualified 22 cable-modem-termination systems.

As expected, CableLabs did not grant certification or qualification for the
more advanced DOCSIS 1.1-based cable-modems and CMTS gear, which will provide
the base platform for the industry's PacketCable infrastructure.

CableLabs said DOCSIS 1.1 activities continue to run parallel with DOCSIS
1.0. So far, 12 cable modems and 8 CMTS products are under CableLabs' DOCSIS 1.1

That number will likely rise with the start of certification wave 19, which
is slated to begin July 23 and wrap up Sept. 21, according to the organization's
latest schedule.