Cable-Modem Portal? Yahoo!

Yahoo! Inc., one of the few Internet portals that hasn't developed a
high-speed broadband offshoot for cable, is on track to finally do so.

In the company's latest conference call Wednesday night, as well as a New
York Times
article Thursday morning, Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel said plans for
high-speed cable distribution of its content are being formed and will be
detailed before investors and analysts next month.

A spokesperson for Yahoo! did not detail where the meeting would be or
whether media would be invited to it.

Yahoo! already has a digital-subscriber-line broadband version available to
one-third of the country through a co-branded exclusive arrangement with SBC
Communications Inc. California and Texas are among the states where that service
is available.

Cable would market a service using cable modems or DSL elsewhere.

"Sometime this year, if you are a Yahoo! user, you will have the ability to
be part of Yahoo! Broadband all over the country," Semel told the