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Cable Center Tabs Gatseos

The Cable Center appointed cable veteran Pete Gatseos as senior vice
president and director of The Magness Institute Wednesday.

Gatseos, who has more than 20 years of experience in the cable and
telecommunications industries, will develop education and research programs for
The Cable Center, which will open its permanent home in Denver next year.

As part of his responsibilities, Gatseos will also occupy the Leo Hindery
Chair for Broadband Telecommunications, an academic chair within the University
of Denver.

Most recently, Gatseos held the position of vice president of strategic
research/market intelligence for AT&T Broadband and its predecessor,
Tele-Communications Inc.

The Cable Center president and CEO Jim O'Brien said Gatseos -- who has been
on the organization's advisory committee since its inception three years ago --
fills the slot vacated by Marty Taschdijan at the end of March.

O'Brien, former president of Jones Intercable Inc., said a search for the
position began in June and yielded 'nine great candidates.' That group was later
winnowed to four finalists. Gatseos was chosen by a selection committee
comprising members of The Cable Center and the University of Denver.

'Pete is well known and well-respected in the industry. We're very happy that
an industry leader like Pete is joining our staff for this important position,'
O'Brien said.

The Magness Institute recently completed the second annual Chinese Executive
Media Management Program, and it has worked with the Walter Kaitz Foundation to
develop curriculum for the Kaitz Fellowship Program.

Going forward, The Magness Institute will play an integral role in The Cable
Center's C-SPAN Global Distance Learning Program and in the development of
interactive-TV learning and research initiatives.

Overall, The Cable Center aspires to engender and promote educational,
training and research programs delving into issues facing the cable industry
such as management and business-skill development, work-force diversity,
programming and the communication of the contributions of the medium and its