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Cable Center Gets Into Podcasts

DENVER — The Cable Center, home to cable industry archives and host of the Cable Hall of Fame, joins the ranks of podcast producers starting today (Monday, March 6). Mining The Center’s oral histories and Cable Mavericks lectures for 12 twice-weekly, hour-long downloads, Stories from the Headend will introduce a topic each Monday (at 5 p.m. ET) followed by a deeper dive on Thursdays. It debuts with NBCUniversal executive vice president for digital enterprises Evan Shapiro’s “TV 101” about the evolution of television, followed by Shapiro’s oral history on March 9.

After Shapiro’s podcasts comes a mashup of “Mavericks” lectures by John Malone, Julian Brodsky and Ted Turner on March 13, followed by Ted Turner’s oral history on March 16. Later episodes are themed around women in cable, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. A full listing is at and at