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Cable Center Adds Five Oral Histories

The Cable Center has added five new oral histories to The Hauser Oral and Video History Collection, which includes audio and video histories of executives from major cable companies, as part of its Cable History Project. The new additions are: Terry Cordova, Craig Cuttner, John Evans, Steve Friedman and John Goddard.

Cordova (pictured), chief technology officer and senior vice president of Suddenlink Communications started out at Communications Services then worked at Galaxy Cablevision, as vice president of Charter Communications and then finally at Suddenlink. Cordova believes in a cable industry that is able to adapt and “constantly evolve.”

Cuttner, SVP of Technology Development and Standards at HBO, enjoys his position both as an entrepreneur and the tech work behind the scenes and is proud of what HBO has accomplished. He looks back and realizes that no six months are the same.

“At the end of the day, you want one result that’s for the betterment of cable-kind, mankind, whatever you want to call it.” Cuttner said, in a release.

Brian Lamb interviewed CEO and chairman of Evans Telecommunications Company John Evans. Evans was president of Hauser Communications, co-founder of C-SPAN and is a philanthropist with the Evans Foundation, contributing to “higher education and social justice, global health and specifically AIDS vaccine research.”

Friedman built his own company Somerset Communications in 1980, co-built a SMATV company and is now currently executive vice president of Fiber Design and Construction at Wave Broadband. His success comes from supporting the customer and growing a stronger business.

Paul Maxwell interviewed Goddard, former president and CEO of Viacom Cable as well as being a second generation cable operator. Goddard told Maxwell he wants to be remembered for his “commitment to customer service,’ which he is always willing to improve upon by ‘spending a little more money and sacrificing current cash flow.”

The Hauser Oral History Collection is “the only repository of first-hand accounts direct from industry leaders about the creation, expansion and current state of the cable industry.” The Cable Center has been collecting histories since 1985 and has over 330 video and histories in their collection with more being added every year. They are available on The Cable Center website and on YouTube. The histories also include a written transcript to assist with research purposes.