Cable 2001 Show Schedule

All events take place at the McCormack Place Convention Center


1:30 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

General Session

Chicago Deep Dish: Truth Behind the Headlines

Grand Ballroom


George Bodenheimer President ESPN Inc.

Steve Burke President Comcast Cable Communications

Patrick Esser Exec. VP, Operations Cox Communications Inc.

Patricia Falese Senior VP, Product Management & Sales Cablevision Systems Corp.

Richard Green President and CEO Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

Kim Kelly Exec. VP, CFO and COO Insight Communications Co.

3 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

Grab a Quick Byte: Breakthrough Marketing For New Products

Room: S401BCD


David Cohn General Manager MTV2

Brian Kelly Senior VP, Marketing Time Warner Cable

Kate McEnroe President Women's Entertainment Television

David Watson Exec. VP, Sales and Marketing and Customer Service Comcast Corp.

Niches & Nephews: Attracting the Whole Family

Room: S403


Margaret Loesch President and CEO Odyssey Network

Laureen Ong President National Geographic Channel

Rich Ross GM and Exec. VP, Programming and Production Disney Channel

Cyma Zarghami GM and Exec. VP Nickelodeon

Your Net Worth: Answering The Hard Questions About The Role and Value of Internet Properties

Room: S404ABC


Ron FeinbaumVP, Interactive Services Scripps Networks

Scott Mills COO, BET Interactive Black Entertainment Television Holdings Inc.

Clint Stinchcomb VP, New Media Discovery Networks U.S.

Debora Wilson President and CEO

3 p.m.- 4:30 p.m.

The Company You Keep: Retaining Women and People of Color

Room: S401A


Janice Fenn President Professional Resources Organization Inc.

Chandra Irvin Principal Irvin, Goforth & Irvin, LLC


9:15 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

General Session

The Strongest Link: The Media World Comes to Cable

Grand Ballroom


Jerald Kent Chairman, Cable 2001 President and CEO Charter Communications Inc.

Robert Sachs President and CEO National Cable & Telecommunications Association

C. Michael Armstrong Chairman and CEO AT&T Corp.

Mel Karmazin President and COO Viacom Inc.

Brian Roberts President Comcast Corp.

11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

It Slices, It Dices, It Makes Mounds of Fries: The Set-top Box of the Future

Room: N426


Paul Dempsey President and COO Pioneer New Media Technologies

Michael Fidler Senior VP, Network Entertainment of America Sony Electronics Inc.

James McDonald Chairman, President and CEO Scientific-Atlanta Inc.

Dave Robinson President Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Tim Saeger VP, Research and Development, Multimedia Products Thomson Consumer Electronics

Rob van Oostenbrugge President Philips Digital Video Systems

Rubic's Cubicle: Working Through Call Center Strategies

Room: S401A


Kimberly Edmunds VP, Customer Service Cox Communications Inc.

Suzanne Keenan VP, Customer Service Comcast Cable Communications

E. Doyle Minton Corp. VP, Customer Care Charter

LeAnn Talbot Senior VP, Washington AT&T Broadband

Cross Ad-dressing: A Programmer's Closet

Room S401BCD


Tracy Dolgin President Fox SportsNet

John Ford President, Discovery Health Media Discovery Communications Inc.

C.J. Kettler President, Sales and Strategic Relationships Oxygen Media

David Zaslav President NBC Cable Networks

Upstream, Downstream & All Around the Town: IP Telephony & Multimedia Services

Room: S403


Mark Coblitz Senior VP, Strategic Planning Comcast

Greg Hunt VP, Operations Time Warner Communications

Majid Mir Senior VP, Telephony Charter

Bolts or Bits? Architecture's Physical Layer

Room: S501A


Paul Connolly VP, Marketing and Network Architectures Scientific-Atlanta

Tim Elliott Senior Director, Set-top Box Strategy Keen Personal Media

Erik Metz Systems Engineer Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Donald Sorenson Manager, Advanced Access Planning Scientific-Atlanta

Dane Walker Senior Field Engineer AML Wireless Systems Inc.

11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Cache or Carry? New Concepts In Bandwidth Management

Room: S501D


Walter Boyles VP, Partner Relations Wavexpress

Gagan Choudhury Technology Consultant AT&T Labs

Gregory Hardy VP and GM, Digital Transport, Trans Network Systems Scientific-Atlanta

Ran Oz Chief Technical Officer Big Band Networks Inc.

Hardev Soor Product Manager Ixia

4 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

…and the Bull and the Bear Will Lie Down Together: Wall Street Analysts

Room N426


Richard Bilotti Managing Director Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

Jessica Reif Cohen Managing Director, Securities Research and Economics Merrill Lynch

Niraj Gupta Managing Director Soloman Smith Barney

Raymond Katz Senior Managing Director Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc.

Size Doesn't Matter: New Revenue Opportunities for Rural & Small Market Operators

Room: S401A


Ronald Duncan President and CEO GCI

Joseph Floyd President and COO Midcontinent Communications

Kelvin Westbrook President and CEO Millennium Digital Media

Man, That's Fast! Cable's Swingin' Modem Service

Room: S401BCD


Daniel O'Brien President and CEO High Speed Access Corp.

Scott Russell AT&T broadband

Jeff King President Road Runner

House on the Hill: The View from the Capitol

Room: S402


Courtney Anderson Legislative Asst. to the Hon. John Shimkus U.S. House of Representatives

Victoria Bassetti Minority Chief Counsel Senate Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee

Linda Bloss-Baum Counsel House Energy and Commerce Committee

Makan Delrahim Staff Director/Chief Counsel Senate Judiciary Committee

Julian Epstein Minority Chief Counsel/Staff Director House Judiciary Committee

Ken Johnson Communications Director House Energy and Commerce Committee

Tim Kurth Policy Assistant to Speaker Dennis Hastert U.S. House of Representatives

4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Bolts or Bits? Architecture's Logical Layer

Room: S501A


Prashant Gandhi Technical Leader Cisco Systems

Doug Jones Chief Architect YAS Corporation

Xiaolin Lu VP, Strategic Engineering and IP Networking AT&T Broadband

Vikram Saksena Chief Technical Officer Narad Networks


9:15 a.m. - 10: 45 a.m.

General Session

The Path of Big Returns: We're Making Broadband Happen

Grand Ballroom

Special Address: Michael Powell Chairman Federal Communications Commission


Carole Black President and CEO Lifetime Entertainment Services

Nickolas Davatzes President and CEO A&E Television Networks

Jon DeVaan Senior VP, Microsoft TV Division Microsoft Corp.

Dan Somers President and CEO AT&T Broadband

Maggie Wilderotter President and CEO Wink Communications

Michael Willner President Insight Communications Co.

11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

The New, Fabulously Improved Cable White Bread Sandwich: Growing the Core Business

Room: S401A


Greg Bicket VP and GM Cox Communications New England

Gregg Graff Senior VP, Operations Insight Communications

Dave McCall Senior VP, Operations- Eastern Division Charter Communications Inc.

In a sense, Abroad: Domestic Brands Overseas

Room: S401BCD


Frank Brown President MTV Networks Asia

Edward Burakowski VP, Strategic Sales NDS Americas Inc.

Ramon Chen VP, Worldwide Marketing MetaTV

Denton Kanouff VP and GM Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Steve Marcopoto President and Managing Director Turner International Asia Pacific

Briefing with the Top Brass: The FCC Commissioners

Room: S402


Gloria Tristani Commissioner FCC

Lights, Cameras, Thermostat! Home Networking

Room: S404ABC


Don Apruzzese Director, Corporate Development ShareWave

William Glasgow President and CEO @Security Broadband Corp.

Daniel Moloney Senior VP, IP Systems Group and GM Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Jawad Khaki VP, Networking Microsoft

David King CEO Proxim

11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Click This! The Sights and Sounds of Enhanced TV

Room: S501D


Mark Cronshaw Member of the Technical Staff AT&T Broadband Labs

Ken Morse Chief Technical Officer and VP, Engineering PowerTV

Jeffrey Riedmiller Broadcast Applications Engineer Dolby Laboratories Inc.

Jay Weber Chief Technical Officer RespondTV

4 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Push-Y and Need-Y: The Interactive Customer

Room: N426


Keith Bechard VP, Video Engineering AT&T Broadband

Mark Hess VP, Digital Television Comcast Cable Communications

Michael Lee VP Rogers Cablesystems Ltd.

Randy Shepard President & CEO DVA Group Inc.

State Your Business: How State Regulators View Cable's New Business

Room: S401A


John Mann Florida Public Service Commission

Julie Vanderlaan Economic Analyst, Telecommunications Illinois Commerce Commission

Nancy Zearfoss Technical Advisor Maryland Public Service Commission

Jessica Zufulo Legislative Director, Telecommunications National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

Cable Billing Services: They Vend That-A-Way

Room: S401BCD


John Little Founder and CEO Portal Software Inc.

Michael McGrail President DST Innovis

Jack Pogge President CSG Systems International Inc.

George Vonderhaar President, Cable Broadband Solutions Group Convergys Information Management

Ex Parte Hearty: FCC Bureau Chiefs and Legal Advisors

Room: S402


Ben Golant Interim Legal Advisor, Mass Media and Cable FCC

David Goodfriend Legal Advisor, Mass Media & Cable FCC

Circuit du Soleil: Cable's High Flying Telephony Act

Room: S403


Greg Braden Exec. VP, Broadband Services and CTO AT&T Broadband

Mark McGuinness Chief Technical Officer Callahan Associates International

Jim Renken VP, Operations Support Cox Communications Inc.

Cookie Monsters: Privacy Issues in the Digital Age

Room: S404ABC


Jim Blair VP, Risk Management AT&T Broadband

Jules Polonetsky Chief Privacy Officer DoubleClick Inc.

Jeff Zimmerman Assistant General Counsel Time Warner Cable

Jonathan Zuck President Association for Competitive Technology

Livin' La Vida Local: Innovative approaches to Local and Regional Programming

Room: S405A


Sean Callahan Director, Broadband Programming Time Warner Cable

Ernest Collins Executive Producer Cox Cable Louisiana

Charles Dravetz VP of News and Station Manager New England Cable News

4 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Plant Practices: How Do You Measure Up?

Room S501A


Bruce Bahlmann Director, Technical Market Development Alopa Networks

Robert Howald Director, TNS Systems Engineering Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Sam Narasimhan Principal Staff Engineer Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Ricardo Villa Senior Engineer, DWDM Systems Group, Engineering Dept. AT&T broadband

Route This! You Can Get There From Here

Room: S501D


Burcak Beser Chief Architect Pacific Broadband Communications

Doug Jones Chief Architect YAS Corp.

Georges Karam VP, Broadband Systems Pacific Broadband Communications

Gerard White Chief Technical Officer River Delta Networks


9:15 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

Cable's Lean, Mean, Merging Machine: Consolidating Cable Companies

Room: S401A


Jim Carey Senior VP, Operations Mediacom Communications Corp.

Robert Davis Managing Director Dove Consulting

Joyce Gab Kneeland Senior VP, Chicago Market AT&T Broadband

Richard Hook VP and GM Cox Communications Middle America Group

Buy 'em By the Box: Broadband Services at Retail

Room: S401BCD


Chris Caffrey VP, Retail Sales Comcast Cable Communications

Mark DePietro VP, Systems Engineering and Marketing Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

David Grain Senior VP, Northeast Region AT&T Broadband

David Pugliese VP, Sales & New Product Management Cox Communications Inc.

The Promise of PR Support For Sales and Marketing

Room: S402


David Andersen Senior VP, Communications Charter Communications

Ann Cowan VP, Communications CTAM

Ellen East VP, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Cox Communications

Jennifer Mooney VP, Public Affairs Time Warner Cable

Meredith Wagner Exec. VP, Public Affairs and Corporation Communications Lifetime Entertainment Services

VOD: Why On-Demand Content Works

Room: S403


John Hildenbrand VP, Multimedia Technology Cox Communications

Rob Jacobsen Senior VP InDemand

Mike LaJoie VP, Corporate Development Time Warner Cable

Reality TV: The Truth About Interactive Advertising

Room: S404ABC


Marc Favaro VP, National Advertising Sales AT&T Broadband

Wes Hart Corporate VP, Advertising Sales Charter Communications

Debby Mullin VP, New Business Development and Ad Sales Cox Communications

Charlie Thurston President and CEO AdLink

For Your Reconsideration: FCC Staff Roundtable

Room: S405A


Steven Broeckaert Deputy Chief, Cable Services Bureau Consumer Protection & Competition Div. FCC

Deborah Klein Division Chief, Cable Services Bureau Consumer Protection & Competition Div. FCC

Amy Nathan Senior Legal Counsel, Office of Plans and Policy FCC

Bill Johnson Deputy Bureau Chief, Cable Services Bureau FCC

9:15 a.m. - 10:45 a.m.

Advanced Technology: Today's Solutions for Tomorrow's Problems

Room: S501A


Al Marschall Staff Engineer Philips Broadband Networks Inc.

Sudhesh Mysore Director, DWDM Systems Engineering AT&T Broadband

Marc Ryba Manager, Engineering Special Projects Motorola Broadband Communications Sector

Allen Schmitt-Gordon Software Engineer Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

Marc Tayer Senior VP, Business Development Aerocast Inc.

Store This! Developments in Content Storage and Management

Room: S501D


Wendell Bailey Chief Technologist, Advanced Broadband Technology NBC Cable Networks

David Broberg Director, OpenCable Requirements Cable Television Laboratories Inc.

Pat Darisme Principal Systems Engineer NARUS Inc.

John Vartanian Senior VP, Technology and Operations InDemand

Graham Williams VP, Technology Pace Micro Technology, Americas