C9 Adds Wireless Feature to New CMTS

C9 Networks has launched a new cable-modem-termination-system product line for small and midsized operators that allows them to add wireless capabilities to their service portfolio.

The new “C3000” CMTS supports both wired and wireless services, C9 said, which will allow operators to offer service to third-party hot-spot providers. The vendor added that the CMTS has a built-in subscriber-management system and advanced user interface.

C9 said the C3000 supports 200-250 access points and up to 2,000 wireless users, with downstream bandwidth of 40 megabits per second.

"The C3000 could enable hotels to offer integrated Internet-access solutions to their guests," C9 president and founder Srini Kola said in a prepared statement. "They could have wired or Wi-Fi access in their hotel room and seamlessly jump onto Wi-Fi in the lobby or conference room."