Bundling `Essential' to RCN

Overbuilder RCN Corp. has unveiled 'RCN Essentials,' a new family of bundled
services designed to play up the company's core offerings and to lure more

For a flat fee ranging from $85 to $93 per month, the Essentials package is
comprised of RCN's basic video package and one set-top; one phone line with
unlimited local calling; and high-speed-data service with the cable modem

The company said it has launched the package in markets such as Boston, New
York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

RCN Essentials will help the company to 'introduce consumers to RCN and to
broaden the appeal of our bundled services to people who aren't current RCN
customers,' chairman and CEO David McCourt said in a prepared statement.

RCN, which currently serves more than 1 million customers, said Essentials
customers can add more products and features via a la carte rates.

The new bundle also complements the company's more comprehensive voice, video
and data 'ResiLink' package, which RCN calls its 'best overall