Broadband Patent for Advent Networks

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Advent Networks Inc. a patent for its ability to deliver dedicated high-speed bandwidth connections over cable networks, the company said Wednesday.

Advent's “Ultraband” solution is based upon the patent, which describes a hybrid fiber-coaxial network-access technology that uses time-division multiplexing within the cable RF spectrum to deliver packet-based services over dedicated bandwidth connections to each subscriber.

The vendor said its technology will help to avoid congestion that often impacts cable networks during peak usage hours, as with existing cable-modem solutions, allowing cable operators to cost-effectively provide higher-tier-dedicated commercial services over existing coaxial access networks, as opposed to deploying expensive fiber connections to premises.

“This patent grant helps Advent to open a new market for cable companies in the highly lucrative small to midsized business-services space," Advent CEO Ed Perry said in a prepared statement.

“Cable operators can deploy the Advent solution over existing hybrid fiber-coaxial networks to pursue the $26 billion commercial-services market in the United States that until now has relied primarily on phone companies for dedicated-bandwidth solutions like fiber or T-1 circuits,” he added.