Bresnan Bike Tour Raises $350K

Bresnan Communications said its annual fund-raising Bresnan Bike Tour raised a record-high $350,000 for its 2007 ride.

The 200 mile bike ride that raises money for New York Special Olympics Hudson Valley Region and Westchester Arc begins in Patterson, N.Y., and ends in Bennington, Vt.

Bresnan employees who took part in the ride were Margot Bright, vice president of finance and investor relations; Alex Weimer, public-affairs coordinator; and Kelly Santiago, assistant to the president.

Bright, a first-time rider, raised more than $8,000 in donations.

“The tour was extremely well-organized,” said Bright. “The support crew was fantastic and made it really easy and enjoyable to be a rider.”

Under Bresnan’s sponsorship, a total of $1.5 million has been raised by the tour in the past five years.