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Boxing Channel Set to Debut in 2004

A former In Demand executive is planning to launch a 24-hour digital channel
next spring dedicated exclusively to the sport of boxing.

BoxTv-The Boxing Channel will feature live events, news and programming from
the sweet science, said Brian Ricco, president of MultiVision Media Inc., a
privately owned pay-per-view and special-events company that will distribute the

He said the service could be offered as part of MSOs' digital-sports tiers,
but he would not reveal a rate card.

Ricco, a former programming executive with In Demand and TVN Entertainment
Corp., said there's a demand for more boxing information and events than is
currently aired on basic-cable sports networks and premium services Home Box
Office and Showtime.

"There is an overwhelming supply of boxing programming, fights, news and
events that has thus far been overlooked due to the limitations of variety,
sports and movie networks," Ricco said. "BoxTv will offer die-hard boxing fans
and viewers looking for action-packed programming instant