Bottoms Is Up on Bush!

Actor Timothy Bottoms has been cast as President Bush on Comedy Central's new
series from the creators of South Park,officials said Monday.

Bottoms will debut as George W. on That's My Bush! Wednesday, April 4,
at 10:30 p.m., the show's premiere date.

The half-hour series, a parody of the sitcom genre, is the brainchild of --
and is being executive-produced by -- Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the
masterminds of South Park.

The comedy, starring Bottoms -- known for his roles in The Last Picture
and The Paper Chase --will offer a glimpse of life at
1600 Pennsylvania Ave., with the new president balancing the issues of the day
with his personal life.

That's My Bush! will be directed by Jeff Melman, who has worked on
Malcolm in the Middle and Frasier.The series is also being
executive-produced by Debbie Liebling.