Boomerang Nearly Doubles Sub Count

Chicago -- Boomerang has added some 4 million subscribers over the past year
in Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications Inc. and Charter Communications Inc.

The increase lifts the vintage animation network's base to 9.1 million
overall, according to Coleman Breland, executive vice president, sales and
marketing at Turner Network Sales.

Supplanting its regularly scheduled animated fare, Boomerang just aired a
72-hour tribute special to Bugs Bunny, under the "June Bugz: A-Z" banner, which
featured a total of 160 "wascally wabbit" cartoons last weekend.

The network will continue to roll out special programming over the rest of
the year.

In September, Boomerang will air a weeklong tribute to certain rodent and
feline adversaries with 192 Tom and Jerry original theatrical shorts,
including seven Oscar winners, 40 installments of Tom and Jerry Kids and
1970s entries from the Hanna-Barbera Productions and Filmation Studios

The following month, Boomerang will scare up Scooby-Doo, Where Are
episodes and direct-to-video feature films, while December rings in the
holidays with "A Very Merry Questmas, and a Hadji New Year," a tribute to
Jonny Quest.