Black History Month Originals From Cable Networks

Feb. 8

BET Jazz: The Jazz Foundation Of America Presents “A Great Night In Harlem” (special)

Feb. 9

Gospel Music Channel: Faith & Fame: Bishop Paul Morton (series episode)
Gospel Music Channel: Faith & Fame: Byron Cage “Live” (series episode)
Gospel Music Channel: Hot List: Down South (series episode)
VH1: Driven — Nas (series episode)

Feb. 10

BET Jazz: Seal Live From the 2004 Bermuda Music Festival (special)

Feb. 11

Black Family Channel: All Access — Racing Stripes (special)

Feb. 12

History Channel: Save Our History: Voices of Civil Rights (special)
Home Box Office: Lackawanna Blues (movie)
Showtime: Sucker Free City (movie)

Feb. 13

BET Jazz: Angie Stone: The Stone Love Tour (special)
Style: Style Star: Brandy (series episode)

Feb. 14

Black Family Channel: All-American Band Competition (special)
Black Entertainment Television: Book Of Love (movie)

Feb. 15

History Channel: Modern Marvels: George Washington Carver Tech (special)

Feb. 16

Black Family Channel: A Design For Success (special)
Gospel Music Channel: Faith & Fame: Dorinda Clark Cole “Live”
Gospel Music Channel: Hot List: The Power of 2 (series episode)

Feb. 17

TV One: The Invisible Men Of Honor: The Story of The Buffalo Soldier (special)
VH1: The Fabulous Life of: Lil’ Jon (series special)

Feb. 18

Comedy Central: Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza (special)

Feb. 19

Fine Living: Savoy Life (special)

Feb. 20

BET Jazz: Anthony Hamilton: “Comin’ From Where I’m From” (special)
Bravo: The Sarah Jones Show (special)
Fine Living: Sheila Bridges: Moroccan Style (special)

Feb. 21

Biography Channel: Biography: The Journey of Lesra Martin (special)
VH1: Race O-Rama — Dude, Where’s My Ghetto Pass (special)
Black Family Channel: The Beat Forever (documentary)

Feb. 22

Biography Channel: Biography: Arthur Ashe (special)
VH1: Race O-Rama — Blackaphobia! (special)

Feb. 23

Gospel Music Channel: Faith & Fame: Dorothy Norwood (series episode)
Gospel Music Channel: Faith & Fame: Juanita Bynum (series episode)
VH1: Race O-Rama — In Race We Lust (special)
Black Family Channel: Junkanoo-Bahamas (special)

Feb. 24

Black Family Channel: News Special: Newsmakers (special)
Black Entertainment Television: Celebration of Gospel (special)

Feb. 27

ESPN: Images in Black and White (special)

Feb. 28

BET: The Cousin Jeff Chronicles (series)
Black Family Channel: Sports Desk Special: Legends (special)


Disney Channel: Black History Month Facts (shorts)
TV One: African-American Academy Award Winners (vignettes)
CSTV: Black History Month Profiles in College Sports (vignettes)
Black Family Channel: Mogul Minutes — A Celebration of Entrepreneurs (shorts)
Turner South: My South (vignettes)

(Note: At press time the following programs slated for Black History Month have already aired:

That’s So Raven: True Colors (special), Disney Channel; Black Preachers (special), The History Channel; Black Filmmaker Showcase: Gift for the Living, Get Home Safe, Out of Body Experience, Hope’s Choice, Red Eye, Shook (Short films), Showtime; and Black In The 80’s (three-part special) VH1