Big Apple Tops Political-Ad List

The New York market has had the most political ads this election, mainly due to the New York City mayoral and New Jersey governor races, according to data released by Nielsen Monitor-Plus Thursday.

New York is the top political-ad market for the period spanning from Aug. 1-Oct. 16, with 15,285 political spots airing, according to Monitor-Plus. And six of the top 10 political-ad markets were in California, with a collective total of 31,500 political commercials. Los Angeles has the No. 2 spot behind New York, with 7,800 political spots.

Since May, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his opponent, Fernando Ferrer, have been running ads on local broadcast and Spanish-language television. Bloomberg has placed 273% more spots than Ferrer, with totals of 6,620 commercials and 1,773, respectively, according to Monitor-Plus.

Political ads for the New Jersey governor’s race run in both New York and Philadelphia. In that election, Jon Corzine has aired 18% more commercials than Douglas Forrester, or 4,723 versus 4,001.