BIAP Signs with NCTC

BIAP Systems Inc. -- the Plano, Texas-based software company that came out
with a way to pass artificial-intelligence-powered applications through
digital-cable set-top boxes this past spring -- lined up the National Cable
Television Cooperative and two midsized MSOs as charter users.

The NCTC, USA Media Group and MetroCast Cablevision agreed to deploy the
first application from BIAP's shop, 'Personalized Information Television'
(PiTV), in various markets before the end of 2002.

PiTV gives cable subscribers the option of catching news, weather and
financial headlines, or other information briefs, such as electronic-mail
notification, on their TVs through crawls, scrolling text and pop-up

BIAP surfaced with public demonstrations of its handiwork two months ago at
the National Show in New Orleans.

Earlier, company executives said their software process is compatible with
all generations of set-top boxes, and PiTV will be followed by other
interactive-TV and on-demand programming applications.