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BIAP Pitches Intelligent Set-Tops

Remember the 1998 National Show, when Microsoft Corp. chairman Bill Gates
talked to an animated parrot named Petey who was supposed to be able to run a
digital set-top by responding to voice commands?

Plano, Texas-based BIAP Systems Inc. unveiled an artificial-intelligence
product Friday that would soup up thin-client set-tops such as Motorola
Broadband Communications Sector's 'DCT-2000' and Scientific-Atlanta Inc.'s
'Explorer 2000,' possibly bringing such science-fiction ideas into reality.

Part of BIAP's pitch is that its software would expand the number of
applications MSOs can run on thin set-tops, alleviating memory problems that
have encumbered the boxes.

With most MSOs (excluding Charter Communications Inc. and Cablevision Systems
Corp.) abandoning advanced digital boxes, BIAP may find a willing market.

Executive vice president John Gregorie said BIAP has talked with Motorola and
S-A about embedding its technology in their set-tops.

BIAP may showcase its product at May's National Show.