Bergen Hits the Streets with Oxygen

Actress Candice Bergen steps out of the studio and takes her perspective to
the streets when she hosts Oxygen's new series, Candice Checks It Out,
premiering this fall, the network said.

The series -- which taps into current trends and explores unfamiliar
territory -- is an evolution of Bergen's first Oxygen series, Exhale with
Candice Bergen

Candice Checks It Out is a field-based, half-hour weekly series, with
each episode focusing on a single universal subject.

Bergen will visit noncelebrities in their own environments, including a
hip-hop DJ who demonstrates 'spinning,' a work-at-home phone-sex operator and a
downtown design team that shows off its futuristic fashions.

Bergen even brings her own dogs along for a conversation with a pet

'After the success of Exhale, Candice moved to New York and wanted to
get out of the studio to explore new territory from a creative standpoint,'
Linda Corradina, the show's executive producer, said in a prepared

'This new series will showcase her natural curiosity and outgoing
personality,' Corradina added. 'Viewers will appreciate her frankness as she
asks the questions we all wish we had the nerve to ask.'

Exhale was a nightly, hour-long talk show.

Corradina also serves as executive producer for Oxygen's new documentary
series, The Life Makeover Project with Cheryl