BBC Americas Attachments Crosses Over

BBC America next year will debut a "convergent drama,"

that will unfold simultaneously on television and the Internet, according to officials.

The groundbreaking series, which will premiere on BBC America Jan. 11, is from the creators of the popular British series
This Life. Attachments

will follow the private and professional lives of a group of sexy dot-com twentysomethings as they struggle to start up an Internet site, according to BBC America.

The 10-part series will be accompanied buy its own Web site, called "seethru," at The site will carry content that evolves along with the TV show's plot. As the TV drama develops, so will the Web site created by the show's characters, in real time.

Viewers can access the Web site via

to observe how the fortunes of the site follow the television plot.

The group chronicled in

is headed by idealist Mike, a former disc jockey who is about to turn his bedroom hobby Internet site into a full-fledged start-up. Mike is relying on the support of his publisher wife, Luce, and a group of Internet obsessives that include the couple's best friend, the site's pedantic designer, two coders, an outspoken lesbian content manager and a manipulative sales manager.


is an extraordinary example of how television and the Web can work together, giving our audiences a unique opportunity to experience a drama unfold, in different ways, on TV and online simultaneously," said Paul Lee, BBC America's chief operating officer, in a prepared statement.