August’s Most-Streamed Shows

August was a topical month for TiVo users, with the presidential election coverage-heavy The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC topping the list of most-streamed primetime cable shows, while NBC’s Summer Olympics coverage was the most-streamed primetime program on the broadcast side. Streaming is defined as using the TiVo app to watch a live or recorded program on a tablet or mobile device.

Top 10 Primetime Cable Programs

RANK                        PROGRAM                                                           NETWORK

 1                   The Rachel Maddow Show                                                       MSNBC

 2                   The Real Housewives Of Orange County                                Bravo

 3                                Suits                                                                            USA Network

 4                                Mr. Robot                                                                     USA Network

 5                     Keeping Up With the Kardashians                                           E!

 6                     The Real Housewives of New York City                                 Bravo

 7                     The Real Housewives of New Jersey                                      Bravo

 8                                 The Last Ship                                                                 TNT

 9                                 Major Crimes                                                                  TNT

10                           Rizzoli & Isles                                                                      TNT

Top 10 Primetime Broadcast Programs

RANK                             PROGRAM                                                  NETWORK

1                                  Rio Summer Olympics                                           NBC

2                                  Bachelor in Paradise                                                ABC

3                                              Big Brother                                                   CBS

4                                  America’s Got Talent                                                 NBC

5                                  Masterpiece Mystery!Inspector Lewis                   PBS

6                                              MasterChef                                                     Fox

7                                              Zoo                                                                 CBS

8                                              BrainDead                                                      CBS

9                                              Mistresses                                                       ABC

10                                American Ninja Warrior                                          NBC