AT&T Pitches Denver Air Travelers

LOS ANGELES -AT&T Broadband earlier this month launched a consumer ad campaign aimed at travelers who fly into and out of Denver International Airport.

The airport ads should reach a key demographic, said senior vice president of marketing Doug Seserman. AT&T hopes the ads will attract attention not only from Denver-area consumers, but also travelers from other markets that the MSO serves, he added.

The new blue-and-white banner ads tie air-travel in themes with the company's new products, including digital cable, telephony and high speed data.

A "No Delays" headline promotes "lightning-fast" Internet access, for example. In an ad for digital cable, the headline reads "No Extra Baggage," and promises that new digital cable customers would need "no dish."

AT&T chose to launch the campaign in Denver because the MSO is headquartered there, and because the airport attracts heavy business travel.

It has one other advantage, Seserman noted: rival EchoStar Communications Corp. chairman "Charlie Ergen is here, too."