AT&T Lets U-verse TV Users Customize Mosaic Views

AT&T has rolled out My Multiview, which lets U-verse TV customers select up to 55 favorite channels and watch four of them on the screen at the same time -- a feature not currently offered by major cable or satellite operators.

The telco last September introduced the Multiview feature, preconfigured with channels grouped in three categories: sports, news and children's. The customizable My Multiview app, available for no additional charge, is rolling out "on a market-by-market basis" to all U-verse TV customers.

Also Wednesday, AT&T introduced a new customer-acquisition promo that offers new U-verse TV customers a $25-per-month discount on U-verse TV packages for six months.

With My Multiview, each U-verse set-top in the home can be set up with different channels. The app is accessible by selecting "menu" on the remote while watching live TV, and scrolling down to select My Multiview.

"Instead of browsing through the program guide or surfing one channel at a time, you can tune to My Multiview to scroll through the picture-in-picture screens to see all your selected favorite channels," AT&T said in announcing the feature.

U-verse TV is powered by Microsoft's Mediaroom IPTV platform, which actually allows up to 16 pictures to be viewed simultaneously on a single screen.

A demo of AT&T's My Multiview feature is available here: