Arris Releases New `Cadant' Hardware

Arris is releasing a new software upgrade for its "Cadant C4"
cable-modem-termination system.

The 3.1 software release improves reliability for data and telephony traffic,
Arris said, and with the addition of "FlexCAM" technology, operators can mix and
match RF-sparing groups. That flexibility allows operators to match internal
costs with revenue-generation potential for data services.

Arris also announced the release of its key distribution-center solution with
Alopa Networks Inc. The back-office setup will aid in the introduction of
telephony services.

In other technology news, Corp. released its new
network-configuration manager that, among other things, captures, edits and
displays inside and outside plant information.

And CAM Systems LLC said College Sports Television is buying its traffic and
billing system.