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Arris Debuts New CMTS Version

Arris has released the next generation of its "Cadant C4" cable-modem-termination system.

The 3.0 release includes enhanced scalability, hardware-based wire-speed layer-3 Internet-protocol-routing performance and fault-tolerant operation with both system-control complex redundancy and integrated "hitless" RF-module failover capabilities.

The release also features enhanced network performance and security for operators with "RADIUS" authentication support; advanced system-management and access control; secure file-transport capabilities; and Gigabit Ethernet network-interface connectivity.

In other IP news, Nuera Communications Inc. is releasing its "ORCA BTX-8" media gateway for PacketCable networks.
The BTX-8 is a voice-over-IP media gateway that links a PacketCable-managed IP network with the public switched telephone network. Each BTX supports 384 ports.