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Apple TV to Bundle CBS All Access and Showtime at Discount (Report)

(Image credit: ViacomCBS)

Apple has reportedly entered into an agreement to resell ViacomCBS's two SVOD services, CBS All Access and Showtime, at a steep discount through its Apple TV app. 

Bloomberg reports that Apple will resell CBS All Access and Showtime streaming in an Amazon Channels-like play. The bundle for the two SVOD services would run $9.99, a steep discount over the combined price of Showtime ($10.99 standalone) and CBS All Access ($9.99 in its no-advertising configuration).

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Ostensibly, since Apple is reselling CBS All Access, the ad-supported $6.99 tier would be off the table. (It'd be mighty hard for Apple and ViacomCBS to negotiate how to split those ad dollars, wouldn't it?)

According to Bloomberg, the deal will kick off Monday. 

Bloomberg didn't address how the bundling will work once ViacomCBS launches and expanded version of CBS All Access that incorporates the broader Viacom part of the company. 

On Thursday, Bloomberg also reported that Apple is looking to bundle its own services combining assets like Apple TV Plus with Apple Music.