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AOL Time Warner Shuffles Internet Unit

AOL Time Warner Inc. has reorganized several key positions of its Internet
unit, claiming that the move will serve as a 'catalyst for growth' for the
recently merged mega-media company.

As part of the reorganization, AOL Time Warner said it has appointed Ray
Oglethorpe as president of the company's Internet division, America Online Inc.
Prior to the appointment, Oglethorpe served as president of AOL

In his new role, Oglethorpe will oversee the CompuServe Interactive Services
Inc. service, Netscape Communications Corp.'s browsers and portal, software
development for the AOL client, AOL's Membership Services Group and the data and
network operations that fall under the AOL umbrella.

In other moves, former president of marketing Jan Brandt has become AOL
Inc.'s vice chair and chief marketing officer, and Ted Leonsis, previous
president of AOL's Interactive Properties Group, is AOL Inc.'s new vice chair
and new product officer.

All three executives will report to Barry Schuler, former president of AOL
Interactive Services and current chairman and CEO of AOL Inc.

Schuler, who will share management duties with Oglethorpe, will oversee the
AOL flagship service, AOL's instant-messaging services (AIM and ICQ), the
company's local properties -- which include AOL Moviefone, DCI and MapQuest --
and the 'AOL Anywhere' strategy.

The new organizational structure, Schuler said in a prepared statement, will
help AOL Time Warner to descend on the 'second `Internet revolution,'' whereby
people will hook into the Internet from handheld appliances, TVs and