Andrew Revises Coax-Cable Pricing

Andrew, a supplier of coaxial cable and other communications products, said it will eliminate stand-alone surcharges on its Heliax and Radiax cable products and adjust list prices to reflect fluctuating costs of raw materials as of Jan. 1.

The company said it will adjust prices quarterly, as necessary.

Andrew began applying surcharges on its cable products in April. The company said the surcharges were "partially to offset the ongoing, dramatic rise in raw-material costs," particularly copper. Effective Jan. 1, surcharges instead will be included in the adjusted prices.

Andrew said the change is not expected to significantly change current net pricing paid by customers.

"We remain committed to cost-effectively providing the world's highest quality and performance in cable products, including a simplified pricing plan and new options such as our recently introduced aluminum cable products," John DeSana, group president of Andrew's antenna and cable-products segment, said in a prepared statement.