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Up-and-Comer: Ebony Lee

Ebony Lee has been on technology’s bleeding edge for more than a decade — and stands to be in the thick of things at Comcast for the next several years — even though she says she’s personally not a “techno geek.”

She oversees business strategy and program management for the technology joint venture with Verizon Wireless. Lee, 36, previously worked in Comcast’s Converged Products group, where she helped develop the business case and strategic plan for the IP-based video platform now called X1. She holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia.

MCN: First job out of college?

Ebony Lee: My first job out of college was working as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney. I had several nontech projects (e.g., consumer goods and health care) before ultimately deciding to join the Communications and High Tech practice. The beauty of consulting was that it provided me with the opportunity to see a wide spectrum of problems across the industry — and to learn how to approach, evaluate and solve complex issues.

MCN: First job in cable?

EL: My first job in cable was here at Comcast over four years ago, where I worked on the business strategy team in the Office of the CTO. One of my first major projects included business case development, planning and eventually the launch of Comcast’s next-generation IP video products and platform — now known as the X1 platform.

MCN: Tech people you admire?

EL: There are many people in technology I look up to, but there’s something that intrigues me about [Intel co-founder] Gordon Moore. When you think about how most technology innovations wouldn’t be possible without the microprocessor and the predictability of Moore’s Law — it’s simply amazing. And I can’t help but admire his philanthropy as well.

MCN: The thing that drives you the most crazy about engineers or technologists?

EL: Bridging the gap between finding the perfect technical solution and addressing business issues can sometimes be challenging.

MCN: What drives you most crazy about non-techs?

EL: Sometimes it’s not as easy for nontechy people to see the role technology actually plays in everything we do.

MCN: Top things on your work to-do list for the rest of 2012?

EL: For the remainder of the year, I’ll be focused on Comcast’s joint venture with Verizon Wireless, including mobilizing the joint product/technology innovation program, implementing necessary processes and practices and planning ahead for 2013.